About Mexico Beach, FloridaWe Invite You To Be a Part Of Its History!

Aerial image of Mexico Beach and associated areas.

The origins of settlement in the Mexico Beach area are sketchy at best. Rumor has it, the coastal geographic region was utilized by Caribbean Pirates as a haven from bounty hunters back in the early 1800’s. Some old timers have even whispered quietly of inland hideaways where grand stashes from their thievery were stowed away yet to be discovered.

Modern, historical documentation came to the undeveloped area when in the 1920’s the Florida Department of Transportation built (Scenic) US Highway 98. A gentleman, Felix DuPont, purchased the property now known as Mexico Beach around the turn of the century for the purpose of turpentine farming. Mr. DuPont farmed the plentiful pine trees for a number of years until he was approached by a group of investors anxious to relocate and proceed with business aspirations in 1946. A majority portion of geography we now know as the City of Mexico Beach was purchased for a ripe price of $65,000 on July 1, 1946. The investors incorporated, forming the Mexico Beach Corporation and set up an office at the County Line adjacent to a tavern holding the 17th liquor license issued to the State of Florida, Jack’s Place. The $65,000 note, financed for 5 years at the then high interest rate of 4%, was satisfied in 6 months by sales of 50′ x 150′ lots. 

Today, Mexico Beach, Florida is a thriving community, whose largest assets are its friendly people, its preserved natural beauty and its ability to remain one of the few coastal beach communities not crowded and commercialized. From myths of treasure, to treasured deals, to what you see today, Mexico Beach remains a treasure to the eyes, senses, spirits and emotions of those that live and visit here. We invite you to be a part of its history by finding your dream Mexico beach homes for sale or Mexico beach condos for sale!

Mexico Beach Real Estate: A Hidden Gem on the Western Edge of the Forgotten Coast 

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Mexico Beach city limits stretches four miles along Highway 98. Peaceful, quiet, quaint beach cottages overlooking beaches of sugar white powder sand that squeaks when you walk on it. The beach touches the blue gulf which changes every day. Our town is small and you are within approximately one half mile from the beach at all times. Just bring your walking shoes or bike and experience our community where the water and sky present a never-ending panorama.

The beach is beautiful and provides a new experience every day. One can swim, surf, windsurf, boat, sail, parasail, kayak, scuba dive and fish, or just sit on the beach and relax. Enjoy the breathtaking ever-changing sunset. A fabulous sunset will come your way every evening with colorful hues of the rainbow.

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