Terry Harrell


Hi, I’m Terry Lynn Harrell. I was raised in Havana; not Havana, Cuba but Havana, Florida. It was a tobacco town when tobacco was real money. I worked in my dad’s hardware store. Days were spent stocking shelves, bagging nails and loading lawnmowers into the back of pickup trucks. I loved it!

Those were happy days-hard working and knowing I had earned a days pay. I especially liked the deep relationships my family made with our most loyal customers. We knew what color they painted their shed, when their cat had a litter of kittens, and who was taking who to the beach the coming summer.

I transferred to Texas, a long way from Havana and the panhandle’s white sand beaches. I was still the same person. I loved hard work and taking great care of my customers. The aqua blue waters of NW Florida continued to be our family’s favorite vacation spot.

Today, I call the best of Florida home! From Mexico Beach to Overstreet, from Beacon Hill to Cape San Blas; I help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams.
I would love to help you find your dream home, favorite vacation spot or sell your home. I might even help you paint the shed!

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